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  • Is there a physical location ?
    No, unfortunately there is no physical location as of now. We are a e-commerce business for the time being.
  • Do fat caps work the same on the Belton Premium Low Pressure ?
    Yes the valve system supports fat caps as well, the paint will just be released at a softer rate but with the same diameter.
  • Where is the location for picking up my order ?
    Our location is located in your order confirmation.
  • I can't get the Burner Chromes mixing balls loose ?
    The Molotow Burner Chrome does not have mixing balls inside of the can because of how volatile their formula is . The formula is made to cover quickly and dry even quicker with silence in mind. Another perk of this silver that makes it my favorite is that it works even on wet surfaces , pair this with the Coversall 3 and you will be unstoppable !
  • What do the colors look like for your paint ?
    The colors are viewable in the images of the selected paint brand. All colors match the color chart.
  • What's the difference between the Burner Black and Coversall 3 ?
    The Burner Black is a dense flat black and the Covesrall 3 is an asphalt based tar paint that has a deep dark brown hue when sprayed from a far although it is a deep black when applied up close. The formulas for the two are very different, the burner black is strictly a traditional spray paint with a flat black hue similar to a Krylon Ultra Flat Black on the other hand the Coversall 3 is an asphalt based spray paint that works in any weather and can be used even during a rain storm.
  • Do the fat caps work on the ACME cans ?
    YES ! The ACME can support any cap (except the Boston Fat), what ever you throw at it the valve system will support that cap.
  • What is the difference between the Art Primo streaker and a the Sakura ?
    The Sakura Solid Marker is a much more denser formula and Artprimos formula is a few notches softer. Compare this to skateboard wheels , Sakuras are 99A and Artprimos are 58A. It's like writing with a stick of butter.
  • Why doesn't the Boston Fat work on the cans ?
    Boston Fats are specifically made for Sekt cap adapters and certain female valves. The valve stem is much thicker than a traditional caps valve stem. You can use these on dollar cans. Pro tip: If you really want to use these on other cans get 60- grit sand paper and reduce the diameter of the valve stem. Be careful though as to not reduce the diameter too much or paint will leak, you have been warned ! We are not responsible for stupidity, have some common sense.
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